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Articles published in the South China Morning Post about my experiences as guide on exclusive trips for Chinese tourists: taking the oldest ever married couple - combined age 150, to the South Pole; reaching the North Pole - in a Russian helicopter, and exclusive cruise around Galapagos Islands - struggling to translate evolutionary terminology into Chinese

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In 2015 one of China's best known and respected national publications - Chinese National Geography (中国国家地理) published my story of the 400km solo run that I did in Yunnan Province of China. This was the first time an article by a foreigner was published in this magazine and the first time they published anything about running. The story also made the magazine cover.

The title is "Pasha's Lonesome Run - Running Pilgrimage from Shangri-la to Dulong".


I worked as a translator for the English edition of this magazine

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Oman is the new adventure tourism destination and is now the home of one the toughest ultramarathons in the world - Oman by UTMB

My article in the National Geographic which was the lead on the website and translated into French, Portuguese and Spanish

Travel writing in the South China Morning Post - little known destinations in China 

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This article about my off-the-beaten-track travels in Bhutan was second most read of the entire on-line edition of the SCMP

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My feature article in the South China Morning Post about Chinese tourism boom in Russia - the first article on this topic in English